Blind Man

Kapodastr na 2. pražec

AmiI remember all those times
when I was colorCblind
AmiWhen my doctor said so

I wouldn’t Cmind
AmiI was a kid and I beFlieved he was Cright
AmiAll those years watching black and white TV in a Cforgotten bar…

GBlind man never sees his Amibrothers
GBlind man never judges the Amiothers
GBlind man opens eyes to Amiothers
D7Blind man is drinking whiskey whole GbottlesG7

AmiI went down to that bar on the corner of Bruncwick CStreet
AmiPeople smoking talking about things Fthings they don’t Cneed
Then I Gmet a man who opened my eyes and Amiears

Blind man never sees his brothers
Blind man never judges the others
Blind man opens eyes to others
Blind man is drinking whiskey whole bottles

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