Viva La Gloria


EHey Gloria G#mi
Are you Astanding close to the Eedge?
Lookout to the G#misetting sun

The Abrink of your EviHsion
EEternal G#miyouth is
Alandscape of the Elie
The cracks of my G#miskin can prove
AAs the years will EtestiHfy

C#miSay your prayers and G#milight a fire
AWe’re going to start a Ewar
C#miYour slogans a G#migun for hire
AIt’s what we Hwaited for

EHey GloriG#mia,

This is Awhy we’re on the Eedge
The fight of our G#milives been drawn to
This Aundying Elove.

EGloria, Viva La G#miGloria
C#miYou blast your name
In graffiAti on the walls
Falling through broken glass that’s
ESlashing Hthrough yuor C#mispirit
AI can hear it like a jiltHed crowd

EGloria, where are you G#miGloria
C#miYou found a home
In all your Ascars and ammunition
You made your bed in salad Edays
HAmon gst the C#miruin
AAshes to ashes of Hour youth

She smashed her knuckles into winter
As autumns wind fades into black
She is the saint on all the sinners
The one that’s fallen through the cracks
So don’t put away your burning light

Gloria, where are you Gloria
Don’t lose your faith
To your lost naivete
Weather the storm and don’t look
Back on last November
When your banners were burning down

Gloria, viva la Gloria
Send me your amnesty down
To the broken hearted
Bring us the season
That we always will remember
Don’t let the bonfires go out

So AGloriEa,
ASend out your Emessage of Athe light
That Eshadows in the Hnight.
AGloriEa, Awhere’s your unEdying love?
ATell me the Estory of your Hlife

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