Basket case

EsDo you have the Btime
to Cmilisten to me Gmiwhine
aboutAs nothing and Eseverything all at Bonce

I am one of those
melodramatic fools
neurotic to the bone no doubt about it

®: AsSometimes I Bgive myself the Escreeps
Assometimes my Bmind plays tricks on Esme
it Asall keeps adding Bup
Esthink I’m C#cracking Cmiup
am AsI just paranoidB
or am I just stonedEs, B, Cmi, B

I went to a shrink
to analyze my dreams
she says it’s lack of sex
that’s bringing me down
I went to a whore
he said my life’s a bore
so quit my whining cause
it’s bringing her down


Asgrasping to controlB
so I better Eshold on B, Cmi, Gmi, As, Es, B


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